success stories:Catherine keast lose 28 kg

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success stories:Catherine keast lose 28 kg:

After spending 10 months in hospital and putting on 28kg, Catherine decided to join a gym, beginning on a treadmill.
This woman beat sickness to regain control of her life
Name: Catherine Keast 
Age: 28
Lives: Taigum, Qld 
Job: Nurse
Height: 160cm

Weight before: 88 kg

Weight after: 60 kg

success stories:Catherine keast lose 28 kg:

As a nurse, Catherine Keast was no stranger to hospitals, but this still didn’t prep her for spending the best part of 2007 in one – as a patient. Soon after moving to Oz from Ireland with her Australian husband, she was admitted to intensive care with complications from inflammatory bowel disease. A two-month stay marked the beginning of a nightmarish period involving eight more admissions, six surgeries and an arthritis diagnosis.

“I had a lot of muscle wastage, so I ended up in a wheelchair for 10 months,” she says. Cue depression and comfort eating. After gaining 28 kilograms, Keast didn’t like who she’d become: “I stayed in bed; I didn’t even bother watching TV.”

But after three years of inactivity, the major trigger to lose weight was photos. “I knew I’d gained weight but when confronted by a photo, reality sunk in.” she says. “I realised I wasn’t the person my husband had married. I’d been active in my teens, so I decided to go back to the gym.”

It wasn’t easy to walk through the gym doors for the first time. “I was sure everyone would judge me,” Keast says. “But they wanted to help.”

success stories:Catherine keast lose 28 kg:

She started out treadmill walking – 20 minutes, three times a week – then built up to five 
or six longer sessions a week. “I’d do interval work on the treadmill rather than running, because of my arthritis. I’d crank the incline up for a fast walk, take it down, then do weights. When I was comfortable in a swimsuit, I got back in the pool.”

She also gave up booze and junk food, and filled her stomach with whole foods. “I tend to be the all-or-nothing type. It worked. Seeing the weight consistently drop off kept me motivated.”

The exercise helped Keast beat her depression as well as the fat. In May 2010, she got down to 60kg, which she’s maintained with three to four workouts a week and the help of a nutritionist. “She helps me focus on unprocessed foods – like grains, seeds, fruit and veg – that have helped my arthritis settle down and keep my IBD under control,” she says. “I have my zest for life back.

I take my friends for swimming lessons, and I’m toying with the idea of doing an open-water swim – though there’s the shark issue...”

Oh, and she’s still spending lots of time in hospital: “But at least they pay me to be there!”

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