6 Steps To Create Healthy Eating Habits

Create Healthy Eating Habits,How To Create Healthy Eating Habits,6 Steps To Create Healthy Eating Habits

Going on a diet can be an effective way to lose weight, but sooner or later you are going to have to get back to regular eating. If you want to keep the weight off long term, you must develop healthy eating habits to take with you as you move forward. Replacing old, destructive habits can be challenging, but by following some useful tips you can create healthy eating habits that will last.

create healthy eating habits Step 1
Obtain a golf stroke counter and count the little bites you take between meals, suggests the University of Nebraska. Little calories add up to big calories over time. Click the counter every time you eat something extra for a few days to get an average, and aim to reduce the number of clicks by one each day until you are at zero.
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create healthy eating habits Step 2
Establish regular eating times, making family meals a priority, says Kids Health. Creating an eating ritual will help both children and adults stay on track.

create healthy eating habits Step 3
Stock your cupboard with healthy canned items such as beans, vegetables and fruits without syrup. Having healthier foods available that are not prone to spoiling will give you an option if time is tight or you don't have a lot of fresh ingredients. Dry pasta and brown rice also make good cupboard choices.

create healthy eating habits Step 4
Create a chart or scorecard to ensure you are getting the right amounts of the right foods regularly. The only way a behavior becomes a habit is if you do it repeatedly, and following charts in the beginning will help you stay on track.

create healthy eating habits Step 5
Share your food with your dining companion when you eat at restaurants, advises the University of Nebraska. Pick an entree you both like and split it once it gets there. This will save calories as well as money. Alternately, ask for a take-home container at the beginning, divide your meal as soon as you get it and put half in the container.

create healthy eating habits Step 6
Eat your food slower. Slowing down the eating process will help your digestion and you will realize you are full sooner. Chew your food well and savor each bite, says HelpGuide.org.

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