3 Steps to Achieving a Great Physique!

Steps to Achieving a Great Physique:
Even though most developed countries around the world have a major problem with a growing obesity epidemic (pardon the pun), it is possible to achieve a great physique by following 3 simple steps.
The 3 steps to achieving a great physique are:
1.     Develop an intense desire.
2.     Use the correct principles.
3.     Allow enough time.
Let’s cover each of these 3 steps in more detail.
1.Develop an intense desire.
Developing an intense desire is the most important factor when it comes to achieving a great physique. This is simply because it may be possible to have the knowledge of exactly what you need to do and have an understanding of realistically how long it is going to take, but without a desire to take even the first step, the knowledge is useless!
In actual fact, having the knowledge and not using it is no different to not having the knowledge at all!
Developing intense desire boils down to one word: WHY?
Why do you want to achieve a great physique?
Why should you change your body at all?
Why aren’t you happy with the shape you’re currently in?
Answering these questions honestly will give you the reasons you need. Reasons are the fuel that keeps the flames of desire burning brightly inside you! Reasons will keep you focused on performing the ‘daily disciplines’ – the actions you need to perform on a daily basis in order to achieve a great physique!
3 Steps to Achieving a Great Physique,Physique,Achieving a Great Physique2.Use the correct principles.
There are many great bodybuilding principles you can use to help you in your quest of achieving a great physique. Unfortunately though, there are also many worthless, or downright wrong, bodybuilding principles as well. These are the ‘landmines’ that you need to avoid as you travel along your journey towards physical greatness.

The best way to avoid these ‘landmines’ is to only use principles from sources you trust. No matter whether the information comes from friends, books, or online sources, make sure the information is credible, valid, and makes sense! OzPinoy is a great quality source, of course! 

Also, don’t get caught up worrying about the principles that may work to some minuscule extent but that make very little difference to the results you achieve; these are ‘worthless’ principles mentioned earlier.

People who focus on these principles are said to ‘major in minors’, which means they focus on the aspects of training, nutrition or supplementation that make very little difference to their overall results.

For example, forget about the exact foot position you need when performing cable crossovers or the amino acid ratios of your protein powder, stick with the basics and the results will follow.

3.Allow enough time.
The weight-loss industry is full of useless garbage simply because people are always looking for short-cuts or a quick way to lose weight. Similarly, the bodybuilding industry is full of people wanting to build muscle fast with little effort!

Whilst it may be possible to build muscle within a reasonable amount of time, you must be aware that there are no quick-fixes or short-cuts! Even if you use the very best principles and have great genetics, the process of building muscle still requires time.

Therefore, you need to be patient. Simply trust that you’re doing the right things and the results will follow if you allow enough time for them to occur.

So there you have it! The 3 simple steps you need to take in order to achieve a great physique. Despite their simplicity they are extremely effective and will help you finally achieve the body of your dreams!

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