Superfood: Pomegranate

As additional and additional individuals square measure wanting to sip on superfoods instead of sugar-coated sodas, pomegranates (both in their natural and juice forms) became progressively widespread, shooting up on fashionable dish and cocktail menus all over[1]. however consumers beware: whereas pomegranates do have some nice health advantages, there could also be some inflated claims tied to the current beautiful fruit!



The pomegranate is native to Asia and has been revered among several ancient religions for its medicative functions. Now, researchers believe that the fruit’s inhibitor and anti inflammatory properties is also wont to facilitate bound heart conditions like high cholesterin, high force per unit area, coronary failure and symptom heart condition.
Pomegranates contain sturdy antioxidants and properties which will facilitate stop fatty deposits from build up around our arteries. This buildup could result in heart attacks and different heart issues[2]. Studies have found that overwhelming pomegranate juice will cut back the event of those fatty deposits in our arteries, a drag usually found in patients with chronic conditions (such as diabetes). And whereas additional analysis is required to completely back these claims with regard to pomegranates specifically, lots of analysis supports the thought that antioxidants will facilitate with a variety of different problems, from sun protection to athletic performance.
But they don't seem to be simply special in juice kind. Whole  pomegranate seeds contain a decent amount of fiber, too, which is important for correct biological process and heart health.


While pomegranate juice sounds pretty amazing, certify to examine together with your doctor before overwhelming it frequently as a health supplement. Also, browse the labels on your pomegranate juice terribly fastidiously (and certify what you’re obtaining is really one hundred pc juice). The Federal Trade Commission sued the manufacturers of pommy fantastic pomegranate juice in 2010 for allegedly dishonorable advertising that claimed their merchandise prevented or treated dysfunction, glandular cancer, and heart condition — all claims found to be “unsubstantiated” (whoops)[3]. whereas the FTC believes the results of studies pommy ran on their juice were false or failed to show any edges, pommy fantastic stands by its claim that there's a range of analysis that shows the health edges of pomegranates (we found it too!). Fun fact: firms ar allowed to post health claims concerning their merchandise while not proving them, as long as there's some type of disclaimer on the package acknowledging the claims uncertainty. browse the fine print!

And whereas pomegranates undoubtedly have some sensible assets, they’re additionally pretty high in naturally-occurring sugar, which might be simply to accidently dose on, painful up calories. Drink this delicious reddish juice sparsely — alittle dash of juice in an exceedingly glass of normal or seltzer water goes an extended way!

Unlike those straightforward peel-and-eat fruits, round, hard, tough-skinned pomegranates area unit a little harder to interrupt open[4]. as luck would have it there area unit a number of ways that to master this fruit and find to the juicy seeds within.
Option one: Quarter the pomegranate with a knife, and place the items in a very bowl of water. The seeds can sink to the lowest of the bowl whereas the remainder of the fruit’s pith floats!

Others cut open the highest of the fruit (like you'd before carving a pumpkin) then cut the fruit into slices, scooping out the seeds and golf stroke them in a very filter for remotion[5].
Try your hand at peeling. ranging from the sharp finish, attempt your best to peel back the perimeters. (You will use a knife to induce the method started.) Once you’ve unclothed back a number of the skin, use those fingers to carefully loosen the kernels.  Peel back the white pithy membranes as you go, and discard.
What’s your take on the mighty pomegranate — worth the work? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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